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Slide Projectors

Serial  # Condition Price
Kodak 4400 Projector w/Zoom Lens and StackLoader
We doubt that this has ever been used.  Like New,  except no box
4278639 9.9 SOLD
Kodak 4600 Projector  auto focus 576117 9.5 149.99
Kodak 5600 Projector  auto focus
w/ 102-152mm zoom lens, remote
27025 8 SOLD
Kodak Carousel Projector 600H w/lens 3921546 8 $100.00
Kodak Medalist AF Projector with 70-120mm CF Zoom Lens,
Remote Control and 80 Capacity Slide Tray, and a hard case.
 These Medalist versions were a deluxe version of the 4600,
 and as such offered auto-focus and remote change in
forward or reverse.  This particular example looks  to have barely been used.
264183 9.5 SOLD
Kodak Medalist II w/ Schneider 70-120mm lens 121095 9 $200.00
Kodak Medalist II w/ Schneider 70-120mm lens 316512 9 $200.00
Kodak Carousel Custom 800H Projector with 102-162mm
CF Zoom Lens. Remote Control and 140 Capacity Tray.
This "Custom" design was Kodak's answer for those people
who wanted to leave their projectorout on a shelf
between uses.  It has a less utilitarian appearance. 
22601 9 SOLD
Leitz Pradolux RT-300 with Leitz Colorplan 90mm f2.5 CF Lens
Uses Kodak Carousel Trays and accessories.  Kodak reliability
with Leica glass.
21308 9.5 SOLD
Kodak Medalist II Slide Projector
w/75-120mm Flat-Field Zoom Lens.  This
model was the top of the line with Auto-Focus,
Timer, Built-in viewing screen and remote
control.  Includes High-Impact Carry Case.
31560393 9.5 SOLD
Sears Whisper Matic IV
Made by Sawyer, Works with
Sawyer 100  capacity roto-trays
10950 8 SOLD
Ansco Dualet Medium Format
0929071 8.5 SOLD
Kodak Ektagraphic III Projector w/102mm CF, 140mm, Remote, Manual, Box A330785 9.5 SOLD
Kodak 760H Projector w/100-150mm f3.5
Apollo Zoom Lens. 140 Tray Included.
Has Auto Focus and Remote
3666703 9.5 SOLD
Kodak Ektagraphic  AF-1 w/127mm CF Lens 4275878 9 SOLD
Kodak Medalist II w/75-120 lens.  LIKE NEW! 31560393 9.9 SOLD
Kodak Ektagraphic B-2AR Projector
w/102mm f2.8 lens.  An older projector
with many hours of use left in in.  Very clean
Unusual multi-voltage capability.
5395761 9 SOLD
Kodak Ektagraphic E-2 with 4-6" f3.5
Ektanar Zoom Lens.  This machine was
recently serviced and works fine but as a
Consigned is sold as-is.
2294897 8.5 $185.00


Kodak Stack Loader w/Slide Clip Set

Two Available

9 $50.00
Kodak EC-4 Remote . For the Ektagraphic AF-3.
It has a remote ON/OFF switch.


Kodak IR Remote 417071 9.5 SOLD
Projector Cases...Manufactured by Kodak,
Tiffen and others.  Usually several to choose.
. .



Various Projection Screens are typically
available...both tripod and wall mount models
. . Various


Buhl 1.4" f3 Projection Lens for Kodak Carousel and Ektagraphic 34091 9 SOLD
Schneider Cinelux 105mm f2.4 517082 9 $39.95
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