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Welcome!  You're one of the first to enter our newly remodeled used department.  We've torn down some walls in order to expand a bit...and we're confident that you'll find what you're looking for with a bit less hassle.  Click on the appropriate category below ...and you'll be wisked into the area you need.  
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Why Look For Used Equipment at
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Here's A Little About Our Store
(and it's customers!)

Russ' is fortunate to have among our customer base many people who  not only appreciate fine photo equipment;  but also wish to stay on the cutting edge of new technology.  When the Nikon F6 arrived on the scene...many of our customers traded in their F5's.   When Canon announced the EOS1n.....several of our Canon customers traded in their EOS's.  And So it goes.  Now,  Of course Russ' Camera has many professional photographers on their customer roster;  but don't forget the many, many other people who trade with us that are not professionals...Their late model trade-ins are often so clean that it's hard to tell if they've been used at all!

 That's our Trademark!
 The Immaculate, Mint Used Camera.

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