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Pentax Equipment Serial  # Condition Price

Pentax Bayonet-Mount  Manual Focus Bodies

ME Super Black body
w/28-70 & 70-210
8.5 SOLD
Spotmatic w/50mm 1.4
(no meter)
1052379 7.5 SOLD

Pentax Bayonet-Mount  Auto-Focus Bodies

ZX-L w/28-80 and 80-200 4143216 9 SOLD
ZX-10 w/ 28-80, 80-200, and

             Promaster flash

7248607 9 $150.00

Pentax Thread Mount Bodies


Pentax  Lenses & Accs.
Serial  #

Pentax Auto-Focus  Lenses 

Pentax Bayonet Manual Focus Lenses

Pentax-M 35mm f/2.8 SMC 6609519 9.5 SOLD
Pentax-M 50mm f1.7 SMC 3453644 9.5 SOLD
Pentax-A  SMC 50mm f/2 3391316 9 $50.00
Pentax 2x teleconverter 779339 9 $99.99
Pentax Rear Converter K-T6 26892 9 $69.95

  Pentax Thread Mount Lenses

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General Pentax Accessories

Pentax Reverse Adapter 52mm 37955 NEW SOLD
Pentax Battery Grip 1102071 9.0 SOLD
Pentax Power Pack 510V (new in box)
New Closeout Price
11186 9.9 SOLD

Motor Drives.

Pentax Winder ME
Fits Pentax ME, Me Super and others
1249129 9.5 SOLD

Pentax Flashes

AF-280T 84026074 9 SOLD

Genuine Pentax Fitted Cases ("Ever-Ready Cases")

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Many Generic Lenses and Flashes in Stock For Pentax. Click Here

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