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Lighting Equipment Serial  # Condition Price
Lowell Lighting S2-20 Barndoors (2) 102903002 New in Box SOLD
Lowell Lighting DP Frame D2-24 102903004 New in Box SOLD
Acheiver 260 AF Flash
Fits "New" Minolta Maxxum AF
11194 9 SOLD
Jessups 320 AFN Flash
For Nikon Auto-Focus 
11010501   9 SOLD
Soligor 24D Flash (Olympus Module) 11199 10 SOLD
Vivitar 283 2111352 9 SOLD
Vivitar 285 110503002 9 SOLD
Vivitar 550FD (Nikon) 7021345 8 SOLD
Vivitar 836 AF Zoom Flash (Series 1)
Fits Canon EOS
8019788 9 SOLD
Vivitar 283 Sensor Cord 11228 9 SOLD
Sunpak Auto 322D
(With Nikon Module NE-1D)
20166121 9 SOLD

Various Vivitar and Sunpak Modules and other Flash Accessories
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appropriate Name Brand Section.  eg:Nikon, Pentax, etc.

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